Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Resurrection of the Blog!

In recent weeks, I have disbanded one of my websites (, and shall attempt to make far greater use of this blog.  Perhaps I shall also learn how to organize material on the page more smoothly!

The Janus Literary Agency remains "active" to the extent that it is still collecting royalties and retains its listing in Literary Market Place.  That said, I am no longer functioning as an agent, and haven't added any clients in quite a few years.

However, I continue to edit and/or ghost-write as much as time and opportunity permit.  I have working arrangements with two small publishers, Mojocastle Press and A Flair For Writing, and also work independently.  In addition, I hope to run courses in "Journaling," "Memoirs," and related subjects.  Finally, I shall assist authors with the process of self-publishing, particularly for Amazon's Kindle.

Two of my own works --  Trojan Dialogues:  The Memoirs of Diomedes and The Greatest Champion Who Never Was -- are now available in digital format on, and Paganini's Fire, my late mother's novel ("edited and revised" by me), released by Stay Thirsty Press, is also available online.  I can also provide "hard copy" volumes upon request (cf., my profile).

My earlier, somewhat caustic remarks about the state of the industry have proven prophetic; things continue to go downhill.  I suspect that even the "die-hards" began to get the message when Border's filed for bankruptcy protection.  Although printed books will remain with us for a long time, I suspect that digital publication truly is the wave of the future, notwithstanding its immediate limitations.  Stay tuned!

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