Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another (co-authored) e-book Now Available on Kindle!

On December 7th, Don Gibbons, Ph.D., and I uploaded our volume, Exploring Alternate Universes:  And Learning What They Can Teach Us.  The bulk of the text stems from Don’s work as a clinical psychologist.  Amazingly enough – and I suppose I must anticipate this question! – these “alternate universes” actually do provide a valid instrument for personal growth, self improvement, and (in a clinical setting) therapy. 

This will almost surely develop into the “alternate and parallel universes” series, utilizing techniques of self-hypnosis and hyperempiria.  We have found a number of practical applications for various endeavors, and Don’s notion of “remembering the future” should prove particularly helpful in the volume that addresses motivation.  Stay tuned. 

Meanwhile, readers can find this 99-cent volume on Amazon through the following link:


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