Sunday, September 6, 2015

Novelette and Short Story Published!

When I was a student, we studied the "short story" and the "novel," and only occasionally heard about something called the "novella," or short novel.  I recently learned of yet another designation, the "novelette," which is presumably shorter than the novella but longer than the story.  It seems that my Sherlock Holmes and the Murder of Alekhine, which weighed in at slightly over 10,000 words, is indeed a novelette.  More significantly, though, it is now available as a Kindle product:

"Bach's Last Composition:  A Fantasy" is indeed a short story.  I uploaded it onto Lulu as a free pdf file, along with the score of my conjectural "completion" of Bach's unfinished masterpiece, The Art of Fugue.  It can be most safely accessed through my Lulu page:

It has been enjoyable to return to fiction!

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