Friday, November 29, 2013

Ann Abelson's Last Work Is Available

My late mother received an N.E.A. grant for a work-in-progress -- Part One of a projected "family saga" novel.  A Slow Train To Budapest is based on an actual scandal within her mother's family, albeit fictionalized.

Everyone who read Part One was excited about the work, and we looked forward to a fantastic novel.  Unfortunately, my mother's health was failing, and she simply lacked the stamina and intensity to complete the project.  She turned instead to the "young adult" market, publishing two career guidance books and a short novel (the award-winning Blimp).

A Slow Train To Budapest was actually published in hard copy by StoneGarden, a "print-on-demand" (POD) publisher.  However, the company nearly imploded shortly thereafter, and this title was precipitously dropped from the lists literally weeks after it was released.

I am delighted to report that the text has been reissued in digital format, and I was proud to append a brief Foreword to the manuscript.  It is available on Amazon: .  Enjoy!